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Free Mentoring
We are women, we work in tech and we think that the tech world should be shaped by many more women. We know about the crucial role of female role models, mentoring and a strong network. And this is exactly what we are committed to. Let's connect! We offer you free mentoring sessions to have a chat and build a network.
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We believe that all women should have equal access to mentoring and networking. Therefore we want to keep the barriers as low as possible. You are interested in tech? You are already in the middle of it and want to have a chat with other female experts? Simply book a mentoring session with us. No need to register or apply!
Individual and flexible
Each mentor has her own individual skills and experience. And there are certainly mentors who are a particularly good match for you. Get to know different mentors and build up your personal 'Board of Mentors'! This way you can always approach the mentor who can help you best. At the same time you build up a supporting network.
Our Mission <3
We aim to empower Women to enter Tech, grow in Tech and succeed in Tech through Mentoring and a strong, open and inspiring female Network.

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Who is CoffeeCodeBreak for?
For you as a mentee if you:

Have no to several years of experience in Tech

Are curious about working in Tech and looking for insights and inspiration

Are already working in Tech and would like to talk to more experienced women about everyday work, challenges, development opportunities, etc.

Are actively looking for a mentor and want to build a network
For you as a mentor if you:

Have about 2 or more years of experience in Tech

Would like to share your experience with other women and accompany them in their development

Want to give something back because you know how valuable role models and a good network are for yourself

Would also like to learn from the experience of your mentees and expand your network
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Become a mentee

Get to know our mentors here and book a session.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to the session. Feel free to approach your mentor if you have questions in advance. Enjoy the conversation!

After your session, your mentor will send you a feedback form. We are very happy if you answer the questions and help us to become better :)

PS: Of course you can book sessions with different mentors and build a 'board of mentors'.

Become a mentor

Introduce yourself briefly here and let us know for which topics you would be a great mentor.

After approving, we will contact you and create your profile on our platform.

Calendly will send you an email when you are booked for a session. Feel free to approach your mentee if you have questions in advance. Enjoy the conversation!

PS: Of course, as a mentor you are also welcome to look for a mentor yourself :)

Partner Initiatives

Support us <3

You think what we do is great and would like to support us as a partner? We are very happy to cooperate with exciting people and initiatives! We always enjoy interesting workshops, webinars or lectures for example.

You have a concrete idea or would like to talk about cooperation options in general?
Write us an and we will get back to you.